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Unforgettable landscapes, history and lots of excitement on the FAVORITE tour of the tourists who visit the Magic Island, Florianópolis, There are more than a thousand positive reviews!

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Route of the Pirate Boat

Have you ever imagined yourself inside a Pirate Boat exploring the most incredible places on the Island of Magic?

Believe me, it will happen! Here at the schooner Captain Gancho Martin, dreams become reality.

The most popular tour in Florianópolis, incredible places, guaranteed fun with many paradisiacal landscapes.

Shall we sail?

Then check out the new tour options tour schedule:

➡ Go to Escuna Martin store – Check-In 9: 00hs –
🏴‍☠ Departure from Trapiche de Canasvieiras


For R $ 85.00 reais on the day of the tour or R $ 65.00 reais in case of advance purchase up to 24 hours before the tour for adults, half the price for children aged 6 to 10 years.

Let’s coast the beaches of:
👉Jurerê Internacional;
👉Jurerê Tradicional;
👉 Praia do Forte;
👉 Frances Island;
👉 Bom Jesus waterfall;
👉Ponta das Canas.

🗣 Historical explanation of the Fortresses, with a panoramic view of the São José da Ponta Grossa Fortress.

Return to Canasvieiras!


For R $ 125.00 reais on the day of the tour or R $ 100.00 reais in case of advance purchase up to 24 hours before the tour for adults, half the price for children aged 6 to 10 years.

👉 Departure from the Canasvieiras warehouse, located to the north of Santa Catarina Island, in the city of Florianópolis;
👉Panorâmica Panoramic view of Ilha do Francês and the beaches of Jurerê Tradicional, Internacional, Daniela and Forte beach;
👉P Panoramic view of São José da Ponta Grossa Fort, with a brief explanation of its history;
👉Panoramic view of the Santa Cruz de Anhatomirim Fortress, with explanation of the historical part;
👉 Passage through the bay of the dolphins 🐬🐬 (if they are, we stop to observe them);
👉 Stop for lunch and swim at the beach of Costeira da Armação, located in the municipality of Governador Celso Ramos.

Return to Canasvieiras!

 Have you ever imagined yourself inside a Pirate Ship by breaking into the most incredible places on Magic Island?

 Believe me, this is going to happen! Here on Captain Hook Martin Schooner dreams come true.

 The most sought after tour in Florianópolis, incredible places, entertainment and fun guaranteed on behalf of our Pirates and the paradisiacal landscapes.

 Let’s sail?

 Then check out the schedule of the trip:

  1. We start from the Canasvieiras docks, located in the north of the island of Florianópolis / SC;
  2. We will go to the Dolphin Bay, without stopping, overlooking the most beautiful beaches of Santa Catarina: Jurerê, Jurerê Internacional, Daniela, Praia do Forte and the fortress of São José da Ponta Grossa;
  3. Lunch at fishermen’s restaurant on the Coast of Armação, Governador Celso Ramos, which can be a free and à la carte buffet with an approximate duration of one hour;
  4. We will visit the Fort of Santa Cruz on the famous island of Anhatomirim where a guide will tell the fascinating history of the fortress at a one-hour stop to dazzle the place;
  5. Sea bath near the French Isle of about 20 minutes;
  6. We will return to the starting point, the docks of Canasvieiras, with an unforgettable memory.

Destinations Visited by our Pirate Ship Florianópolis

1- Trapiche de Canasvieiras

Docks of Canasvieiras

 This is where our adventure begins, are you ready?

 When you arrive at the Canasvieiras docks you will notice a great movement of candidates to embark on this pirate adventure, so guarantee your place not leaving to make the reservation on time.

 Present your reservation in Box number 4 of the BILHETERIA, there you will be guided until you get on the Pirate Ship.

 Do not worry, the place is signposted and has employees prepared to better serve you!

Dolphins Bay

 The name is already very inviting, but it is important to know that the Bay of Dolphins is an area of environmental preservation, in fact, our pirate ships are one of the few that are authorized to enter this area.

 Therefore, bathing is not permitted at this location.

 This preservation area is centered throughout our itinerary, that is, we can spot the dolphins at any time during the adventure.

 It is important to note that they are free in nature and we do not always see them, but the cool thing is that when you see one, most likely he will not be alone.

Passeio de Barco Pirata em Florianópolis, Santa Catarina.

Beach of Costeira da Armação

 Located in the mainland, in the municipality of Governador Celso Ramos, we have our stop of 1h (one hour) for lunch during the tour.

 There you can choose whether you prefer free buffet, a la carte options or you can take your own food and stay enjoying the beach.

 The waters of this beach are calm and crystalline, the thick and dark sand, marked by thousands of shells scattered for approximately 300 meters in length.

Island of Anhatomirim

 Beautiful landscapes and many fantastic stories are what you will find on the beautiful island of Anhatomirim.

 Our stop is approximately 1h (one hour), and an accredited guide will tell you the mysteries and history of the island that will make you go back in time.

 Every bit of the Island awakens in you unique and inexplicable sensations.

 The name Anahotomirim derives from the Tupi “Little Devil’s Island” – most likely because it is isolated and is a large prison.

 Oh, you are curious, right? So come and ride with us and check out all these stories on our Blog.


Island of the French

 Near this island, still on the high seas, we have one of the most awaited stops of the tour.

 Finally it was time for the sea bath. It is about 20 minutes to immerse yourself in these magical waters, an excellent opportunity to refresh yourself.

 Curiosity on the Island of the French: The Island is Private, that is, a person has its concession, actually today it is no more of a French citizen, but of an Argentine.

Prices of Pirata Boat Trip Florianópolis

Bought 24 Hours before the Boat Trip

Pocket (02 hours) - R $ 65,00
Full (04 and a half hours) - R $ 100.00
Children from 6 to 10 years old pay half the price.

Bought in the day of the trip

Pocket (02 hours) - R $ 85,0
Full (04 and a half hours) - R $ 125.00
Children from 6 to 10 years old pay half the price.

Children until 6 incomplete years

R$ 00,00

Groups of more than 25 payers

(Guide/driver free)
Cheaper Price for all

Summer Schedule

Pirate Boat Ride every day.

Boarding Time for Pirate Ship Florianópolis

■ 9 am

It is necessary to check in at our agency located in Canasvieiras, near the place of embarkation

Place of Embarkation of Pirate Ship Florianópolis

Trapiche de Canasvieiras, Florianópolis - SC, 88054-160.

If you click the image, you will be redirected to Google Maps

How to do the Pirate Boat Tour in Florianópolis

1. Talk to us

You can contact us in several ways:
Phone: +55 48 3207 4452;
Email: [email protected];
Whatsapp: +55 48 99975 7488 | 999639273;
Or the site chat.

2. Save your spot

Get your place on the Pirate Boat ride and choose the day and time you prefer to do the tour.
You can choose between several forms of payment, paying in advance or just at the starting point.

3. Go to the docks

Now that your vacancy is already guaranteed, it is time to embark on the Pirate Ship and start the adventure, boarding is done at Trapiche de Canasvieiras.

4. Enjoy the ride!

After boarding, start the tour, enjoy the unforgettable landscapes and all the animation of the most fun pirates of the 7 seas. Any problem, you can speak to our crew and we will help. Seniors over 60 years old cannot participate in the tour because of the COVID regulation.

Meet the Biggest Fleet of Pirate Boats in Florianópolis

We have 3 pirate ships at your disposal, each with its differences and a special crew.

They are equipped with sound system to ensure your enjoyment during the ride, a bar on board non-mandatory consumption, as well as own bathrooms.

Pirate ships are highly secure with lifejackets and a crew prepared to handle any situation.

All to provide the best experience for anyone planning to sail with us!

Below, the three boats:

Fantastic Pirate Ship: capacity for 120 people;
Boat Adventure Pirate: capacity of 150 people;
Boat Captain Hook: capacity of 150 people.

Boat Pirata Fantástico
Boat Aventura Pirata
Boat Capitão Gancho

The Most Fun Crew of All Schooners Pirates in Florianópolis

In addition to the wonderful script, the Martin Schooner offers even more:

A crew of pirates trained in the art of having fun, always prepared to help you that united with the great pirate schooners make this experience even more exciting for all ages, especially for children, is one of those memories that never fade.

Not to mention the lively soundtrack to keep everyone happy throughout the entire journey.

General Information about Pirata Boat Trip Florianópolis

Duration of Tour:

Ride hard on average 5 hours.

During the Summer: We have the option of the tour that lasts in average 3 hours, passing through the same points, without the stop for lunch.


When the purchase is made online, the customer receives a sales receipt, which must be presented in the Online Sales Booth located in Trapiche to receive their incoming tickets.

Tickets will be presented at the time of shipment along with a personal identification document.

Optional services not included in the tour price:

Lunch: R $ 35 (thirty-five brazilian reals), free buffet- eat all you can- at one of the restaurants in Praia da Armação (a beach).

The boats have on-board bar, of optional consumption.

Visiting fee to Anhatomirim Island:

R $ 8,00 (eight reais), normal entry;

R $ 4.00 (four reais) for school-age children and adult students, through an identification card;

Free for children under 5 years and people over 60 years old upon presentation of ID.

The visitation fee can only be paid in cash.

No-Show Policy

No show means no show at the date and time reserved for the tour.

It is necessary to be in the Trapiche de Canasvieiras before the scheduled time for embarkation, being that your vacancy will be available until 15 minutes before the beginning embarque.

From there, the vacancy will no longer be available; if there is a vacancy in subsequent shipments, the customer will be reallocated.