Anhatomirim Island



Get to know the beautiful place that already served as a fortress for Santa Catarina defense, prison, space for executions and sanatorium.

The region of Florianópolis is known for its beaches and fascinating nature, but know that there are many more attractions in this paradise.

Among these attractions, we will highlight today the history and the natural beauties that you can find in the region, more precisely in Ilha de Anhatomirim, a place also known as the “Brazilian Alcatraz”.

It is one of the main sights of Santa Catarina, attracting thousands of people every year interested in the magic of the Island and the fun of the boat trips that take them there, like the Pirate Boat Ride.

Fascinating from its name that comes from the Tupi and means “Island of the Little Devil”, it has had several functions throughout history, let’s highlight the most interesting throughout this post

The Island´s Data

But first we go to its data, it is located in the Municipality of Governador Celso Ramos, North Bay of the state of Santa Catarina, near Florianópolis, being possible to make a complete tour by her leaving Canasvieiras and returning in about 3 hours, still taking advantage of other islands and visuals in the surroundings, or in 5 hours with lunch stop.

It is a rocky island of 4.5 hectares of extension and rich in biodiversity, mainly marine, since many stars of the sea, dolphins and other fishes inhabit the 3 beaches that located in the island.

The AMAZING History

Historically, Anhatomirim is one of the first places of the Brazilian south to be occupied by the European colonizers, more precisely the Portuguese, thanks to its strategic location for the defense of Florianópolis, called Desterro during the time.

The Portuguese had an interest in defending Floripa from invasions from other countries, mainly from Spain, so four great fortresses were created, the Fortress Santa Cruz de Anhatomirim being the first.

Thus emerged the first function of the Island: to serve as a defense of the Santa Catarina coast with its various cannons and soldiers. This one that was not successful, inclusively, was invaded and occupied by at least 8 months by Spaniards.

Until a treaty between Portugal and Spain, he returned the island to the Portuguese on condition that it was no longer used as a war base.

During the War of Paraguay (1865 to 1870), his other function arose: prison.

Resembling Alcatraz Island, it has been a prison several times throughout history for being isolated from civilization and difficult to escape.

It was also occupied by rebels during the Imperialist Revolution (1892 to 1895) against the president of the time, until then the rebels were arrested and executed in the place, approximately 170 people.

Later in the 19th century, Fortaleza served as a sanatorium for contagious diseases and epidemics, supervising the arriving vessels and also being used as quarantine for the sick.

In World War II, it received armaments and was occupied militarily, however, soon after the end of the war was deactivated.

Finally, during the 70’s the island was recovered and today is one of the main historical and tourist points of Brazil.

história de anhatomirim

Tourism in the Island

Currently, Anhatomirim Island is an environmental protection area (APA) and the Santa Cruz Fortress is under the guardianship and guardianship of the Federal University of Santaca Catarina (UFSC) that welcomes and guides tourists around the island and its history.

There UFSC charges a visitation fee used to preserve the place:

  • R $ 8,00 (eight reais), normal entry;
  • R $ 4.00 (four reais) for school-age children and adult students, through an identification card;
  • Free for children under 5 years and people over 60 years old upon presentation of ID.
  • The visitation fee can only be paid in cash.

Access to the island is only possible by boats, and the most fun and recommended way to get there is by Escuna Martin, check the itinerary:

– We start from the Canasvieiras sugar mill, located in the north of the island of Florianópolis / SC;

– We go to the Golfinhos Bay, without stopping, overlooking the most beautiful beaches of Santa Catarina: Jurerê, Jurerê Internacional, Daniela, Praia do Forte and the fortress of São José da Ponta Grossa;

– Lunch at fishermen’s restaurant on the Coast of Armação, Governador Celso Ramos, which can be buffet free and a la carte with an approximate duration of one hour;

– We will visit the Fort of Santa Cruz on the famous island of Anhatomirim where a guide will tell the fascinating history of the fortress in a one hour stop to dazzle the place;

– Sea bath near the French Island of about 15 minutes;

– We will return to the starting point, the sugar mill of Canasvieiras, with an unforgettable memory.

The Best tour in Florianópolis


The Pirate Boat is the Tour that CANT Stay out of your Vacations

Are you in doubt about what to do on the Island of Magic?

We have an incredible option for you!

Tourism is knowing a certain place through new experiences that generate fun, knowledge and good memories.

They are pleasurable experiences that you can have alone or with the people you love, that make you remember the good times for the rest of your life.

There are several ways to do tourism: it can be done by private car, in groups via van or bus, or even walking (the famous “Walking Tours”).

Florianópolis has innumerable activities and walks, but what do you NEED to do as a tourist while you are here?

In cities surrounded by water, like Floripa, the best option is, without doubt, tourism via navigation, mainly aboard the Pirate Ship!

There are several reasons to choose this option, let’s see:

  • Absence of traffic and TYPICAL traffic jams of the big cities;
  • Comfort during the ride: spacious boat, in which you can walk and dance during the trip;
  • Visual beautiful and different from the beaches, nature and landscapes;
  • Possibility of sighting the GOLFINOS;
    Unusual experience, after you probably do not walk by boat every day, is not it?
  • Opportunity to socialize with other people, from different cultures and different countries who also came to have fun with us;
  • History and culture in the Fort of Santa Cruz, located on the Island of Anhatomirim;
  • Opportunity to appreciate the cuisine of Santa Catarina on the Costeira da Armação Beach;
  • Fun and animation guaranteed by the crew and pirates during the tour.
    Are you curious? We will explain each point better and there will be no doubt about embarking on this pirate adventure.

Absence of Traffic and TYPICAL Emblems of the big cities

Florianópolis is a wonderful city, with many beaches, beautiful people and security, and many people came to live here.

Unfortunately, the population growth has not been accompanied by an efficient urban mobility, which leads, mainly in the summer when several tourists come to take advantage of the Island, rows and traffic jams, mainly in the hours held as “rush”.

However, when the Pirate Ship ride is done, there is no need to talk about stress in transit, after all, there are no rows at sea and few boats are authorized to make the itinerary of our trip (for ecological reasons and preservation of nature).

Unforeseen events are rare and the schedule is followed as planned.

The pirate ship ride is the perfect activity for those who want to disconnect from the daily affairs and enjoy the breeze and the relaxing landscapes of our Island.

Comfort during the trip

Walking in car and van is not an experience of the most comfortable, is not it? even more if it is for a long period of time. After all, you do not want to spend your vacation inside a car in traffic jams.

You will not have this problem on our trip.

Just the fact of navigating and admiring the landscape already makes you forget the world out there and live the moment.

The boats are large, with an approximate capacity for 150 people, bathrooms, bar, music, guide, in addition to the animation of the pirates and the crew always ready to help, all following the rules of the Captaincy of the Ports of Santa Catarina and ICMBio.

Fantastic Views

Florianópolis has more than 40 beautiful beaches, being a true paradise for anyone who appreciates nature.

During our boat trip, you will have a panoramic view of the beaches of the north of the Island, such as:

  • Canasvieiras beach;
  • Canasjurê;
  • Beaches of Jurerê Nacional and Internacional;
  • Playa del Fuerte;
  • Beach of Daniela.
  • In addition to stopping for lunch at the Beach of the Costera da Armação, which is located in the municipality of Governador Celso Ramos.

Who knows by looking at the beaches you do not choose the next beach you want to enjoy.


During the whole trip you will see a lot of nature, however, nothing calls more attention than the dolphins that inhabit the waters of Florianópolis!

When they appear, they steal the party, even stopping the boat to admire them.

They are about 30 dolphins that live in the region, more precisely in the Bay of the Dolphins, central point of all our walk, although they can be sighted anywhere, since they are free in nature. Unfortunately, for that reason, we do not guarantee that we will see them in all the trips.

One thing is certain, they are not alone, that is, when we see one, we will probably see more.

All boats are accompanied by an environmental driver duly accredited by ICMBio to ensure that all environmental regulations are respected, guaranteeing the preservation of nature and that dolphins continue to live in the region for many years.

Is not something you do everyday

Well, I think there’s no more doubt that it’s a unique experience, is not it?

Unless you reside in cities with a lot of water like Amsterdam and Venice, you rarely take a boat trip.

It is a different experience from your day to day, something new and that can be very fun.

After all, that’s the reason why tourism is done, right?

The Pirate Ship Promenade provides that experience, as well as being perfect to take photos as a souvenir and fun to tell people to ask how their vacations were.

Meet New People

There are thousands of people who know that the pirate ship ride is the best option and they do that activity every year.

The vast majority of people are tourists who come from all over the world to enjoy and enjoy the magic of Florianópolis, they are good people who are here to have fun and socialize with their families and friends, also wanting to know the city, allying fun and culture

As previously mentioned, the boats have a capacity for about 150 people, who stayed together during the entire ride, which can last three or five hours.

Therefore, it is an excellent opportunity to exchange experiences and advice, get to know new cultures and make lasting friendships.

In the end, tourism is also done by the people you know on the trip and who can make everything even more special.

Santa Cruz Fort in the Island of Anhatomirim

For many, Anhatomirim Island is the main point of the whole trip, its name is in the Tupi language and means “Little Devil Island”.

It is a place full of history and nature that was the scene of important moments of Santa Catarina and Brazil.

They are about 4.5 hectares of island and with 3 small beaches rich in biodiversity.

The Fortress of Santa Cruz is located there, the first fortress created to protect Santa Catarina from invasions from other countries, in addition to other functions such as:

  • Military Prison;
  • Base for rebels of the Imperialist Revolution;
  • Execution point;
  • Sanatorium for the sick.
  • It is currently managed by our Federal University (UFSC) and is one of the main tourist and historical points of Brazil, so much so that the Fortaleza is considered a “National Historic Monument”.

You can read more about Anhatomirim’s story on our blog.

Taste new tastes with our Local Gastronomy

During the walk with a duration of 5 hours, we have a stop of one hour for Lunch at the Beach of the Costera da Armação, located in the municipality of Governador Celso Ramos.

There are 3 restaurants that offer the opportunity to enjoy the gastronomy of the region, typical of the fishing places, generally composed of fish and seafood, you can see some of the dishes below:

  • salads
  • oysters;
  • pap;
  • prawns;
  • Squid;
  • stew;
  • meats;
  • Different types of fish;
  • Desserts.

Maybe you can experience the famous Tainha, the most popular fish on the whole island?

Fun for all ages with the best pirate crew of the seven seas

Throughout the trip, there is a crew and trained pirates to ensure everyone’s fun on board.

They do it through a real show that has theater and lots of dance, in addition to constantly interacting with the passengers, successfully with adults and children.

Pirates are properly characterized and act in teams, you can see some images of the activities and pirates below.


Listen Pirate and Pirate Ship are the same?
Yes, in fact, the escunas are types of boats, also called schooners, characterized by using sails on two or more masts, generally, pirate ships are actually pirate scouts.

Pirate Ship Florianopolis Price
In general, the pirate ship ride has the price of R $ 80.00 in cash and R $ 85.00 on the card.

Of course you can always enjoy the promotions.


The Pirate Ship is a boat ride through the waters of Santa Catarina that helps tourists and local residents to have fun in Florianópolis through its unique characteristics, such as the animation during the journey, the fantastic view and the historical knowledge in the visit to the Island of Anhatomirim.

Are you already convinced that this is the best option for you or for the people you like?

So book your place at the Pirate Ship Promenade in Florianópolis, after all the vacancies are limited and the demand is great!

Get in touch, talk to one of our assistants and schedule the day of your trip.

Beaches We Will See with the Pirate Boat

Beaches You Will See with the Pirate Boat

The pirate boat tour allows you to have a panoramic view of the amazing beaches of florianopolis, the magic island!

Florianópolis is an Island full of Beaches, some claim to have more than 100, which makes it a paradise for tourists and also for local inhabitants.

They are beaches for all tastes: surfers, bathers, children, trilleros and even nudists.

Generally, we appreciate the beauty of the beaches through the sand strip, which is full of tourists during the summer.

But the Pirate Ship Promenade provides a differentiated view of some of the most beautiful beaches of Florianópolis, you will see the beach by the sea directly from the pirate scouts.

Although there is no stop on all the beaches, the panoramic view is surely a differential of this mega walk, and helps you better understand the beauty of local beaches, maybe even help to choose which of them will receive your visit.

Today, we will talk more about these wonderful beaches, bringing details and photos of that important part of the trip.

Down the beaches from which we will have a panoramic view on the Paseo de Barco Pirata by Canasvieiras:

  • Canasvieiras beach;
  • Canajure;
  • Beaches of Jurerê Nacional and Internacional;
  • Playa del Fuerte;
  • Beach of Daniela;
  • Beach of Armação;
  • Island of the Fránces.

Beach of Canasvieiras

Point of embarkation, disembarkation and departure of the ride, is one of the most popular beaches for tourists, mainly by foreigners from countries such as Argentina, Uruguay and Chile.

They choose that beach for some reasons:

  • Beauty, is one of the most beautiful beaches of Floripa, characterized by its white, fine and clean sand, as well as by the sea that has generally green color;
  • Location, Canasvieiras beach is located in the northern region of the island, between Jurerê and Cachoeira do Bom Jesus, as well as being close to several other beaches;
  • Estructures, Canasvieiras is one of the neighborhoods of Santa Catarina with the largest structure for tourists for their lodgings, tourist agencies, shops and also for their activities, even on the beach, you will find kiosks and street vendors specialized in tourist services.
  • The beach is also good for children to play in the sand and also for having calm sea, although it varies, being able to be “bravo” the day of the visit, which would not make it ideal for the entrance of the little ones.

During the year, the beach is generally calm, but during the summer it is necessary to arrive early to guarantee its place since the sand track is not the widest and the flow of tourists is great.

It is a beach strongly recommended to tourists, even for its ability to serve them with all that is necessary, and is also ideal for families.


Picture of “Destinos Florianópolis”

Beach of Canajurê

As the name indicates, this beach is located between Canasvieiras and Jurerê, two important neighborhoods for tourism in Santa Catarina, it also has that name thanks to the Canajurê Club, located near the beach.

We will only have the panoramic view of that small beach, because we do not stop there.

It is a quiet beach, perhaps because it is quite “hidden”, with tender sand and clear waters of pleasant temperature, it also has some rocks and kills.

It is a small extension, when compared to its neighbors, Jurerê and Canasvieiras, but it also allows the practice of sports in the sand and in the water, besides being good for children and families.

There is infrastructure in part of the beach, but with few options of bars and restaurants, so it is advisable to bring food and drinks.

Because it is more isolated, access is only by walking, but do not worry, the walk is light.

This beach is a real corner, very quiet, but can also fill during the summer.

Jurerê Internacional, foto de Rafael Bernardino.

Beachs of Jurerê Nacional and Internacional

The two sisters, Jurerê Nacional – also called Jurerê Tradional – and Jurerê Internacional, are known and famous internationally.

We will have a panoramic view, without stopping, of both.

Actually, the beach is one, but it is divided into two neighborhoods: Traditional and International, although there is no physical division, being differentiated more by its characteristics of public and structure.

Jurerê Traditional has a family audience being less bathed, also has good infrastructure, but not luxurious, it is a better place to relax with the family without spending so much.

Jurerê Internacional is one of the most expensive square meters of Brazil, being beautiful during the summer, thanks to its luxurious infrastructure, with noble restaurants and beach clubs that receive DJs and international musicians, it usually attracts a younger audience and Greater purchasing potential, even many celebrities.

However, there are also similarities: the strip of clear sand is good size and the sea is blue with small waves and pleasant temperature.

There is not much natural shade, so it is advisable to use the umbrella.

Regardless of which neighborhood you prefer, Jurerê Beach is an excellent option for any tourist.

Beach of Forte

Between the beaches of Jurerê and Daniela, is the beautiful Praia do Forte, which is possible to observe the pirate ship as well as the Island of Anhatomoririm.

We do not stop at that beach, however, you can visit it passing through Jurerê Internacional.

Although it is a small beach, it has a wide strip of sand in width, very good for walking, since the sea is calm, good for children and for swimming or even kayaking.

The beach does not have much infrastructure around, then, it has few gastronomic options, but it has a great differential:

Through a path, it is possible to reach the Fortress of San José de Ponta Grossa, fort of the 18th century that gives its name to the beach, there are canyons and the structure that used to defend Santa Catarina from possible invaders.

The combination of history and tranquility makes this beach an excellent tourist option.

Foto de “Florianópolis or just Floripa”

Beach of Daniela

Between the beaches of Jurerê and Daniela, is the beautiful Praia do Forte, which is possible to observe the pirate ship as well as the Island of Anhatomoririm.

We do not stop at that beach, however, you can visit it through Jurerê Internacional.

Although it is a small beach, it has a wide strip of sand in width, very good for walking, since the sea is calm, good for children and for swimming or even kayaking.

The beach does not have much infrastructure around, then, it has few gastronomic options, but it has a great differential:

Through a path, it is possible to reach the fortress of San Jose de Ponta Grossa, fort of the 18th century that gives its name to the beach, there are canyons and the structure that used to defend Santa Catarina from possible invaders.

The combination of history and tranquility makes this beach an excellent tourist option.

Costeira da Armação

Place where we stop for lunch in the pirate ship ride that lasts 5 hours, this beach is located in the Municipality of Governador Celso Ramos, which also has excellent beaches as well as Florianópolis.

It is a beach of calm waters of crystalline blue color and dark thick sand, with a strip of sand of about 300 meters.

There is a trapiche to make our boarding and disembarking, and also some options of restaurants and cafeterias, it is an excellent opportunity to take advantage of the local gastronomy, mainly the fish and seafood.

It is a quiet beach, the vast majority of the flow of people from that beach comes from escunas and other boats.

The pirate ship stop in the place is about an hour an hour, enough time to enjoy the beach and the gastronomy.

Island of the French

If you like beaches, you probably like to get into the water and cool off, right?

Well, for that reason, the Isla del Francés and its beach are one of the most anticipated stops of the pirate ship ride.

Finally it was time for the sea bath.

It’s about 20 minutes to immerse yourself in those magical waters, an excellent opportunity to cool off.

Curiosity about the Island of the French: The Island is PARTICULAR, that is to say, a person has his concession, that today is not more of a French citizen, but of an Argentinean one.

This island is located near the beach of Canasvieiras.

And we have much MORE!

The Island of Anhatomirim, main point of the pirate ship ride, also has 3 small beaches, plus you also enjoy the Bay of the Dolphins.

Get in touch, book your adventure with the Escuna Martin and have that different vision of the beaches of Florianópolis, enjoy the animation of the funniest pirates of the 7 seas and enjoy the magnificent history of the Fortress of Santa Cruz of Anhatomirim, historical heritage of Brazil.

It is the best tourist option of Florianópolis, without doubts!